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   How To Download And Install


How to download and install your Windows Scripture Background(s):

1. Right mouse click on the scripture reference that you want to install as a desktop background on your computer.

2. Left mouse click on "Save Picture As".   Type a file name you will remember and save the file. The easiest place to save the file to is what is known as your "desktop" area.

3. Right mouse click on any open area on your desktop (not on an icon) and click "properties".

4. Left mouse click on the tab that says "desktop".

5. Left mouse click on the button that says "browse".

You should be looking at the screen below (Windows XP) or something very similar.


6. When you click on the "browse" button you will find the place (usually the "desktop" from earlier) where you downloaded the background to your computer.

7. When you've found the file left mouse click on it and then left mouse click on "open".

8. The browse screen will disappear and take you back to the display properties screen as shown above.

9. I recommend that you  "center" the background. Do this by clicking on the little drop down arrow underneath and to the right of the word "Position" as shown above.

If you don't get the effect you want  by centering  you might want to try stretching or even tiling the image to make it look right on your screen. 

10. Optionally, change the desktop background color (black, white, etc.) to match the color of the background of the scripture reference you downloaded. Do this by left mouse clicking on the little drop down arrow underneath and to the right of the word "Color" as shown above. You will then be able to select the color background that you want behind the scripture reference.

The still scripture references, in my opinion,  will look best on a white background. Some of the scripture backgrounds will fill your entire screen. Some will not.

The Jeremiah 32:27 animation is an example of a screen background that looks good centered with a black background. So does the John 5:39 "strip" animation.

There are other ways of doing this also. If you have questions or problems setting up these scripture references as desktop backgrounds on your computer feel free to email me and I'll help you.

I'll be adding more references in the coming weeks and months so feel free to check back as often as you'd like.

Date and Time Last Updated: 04/26/2008 11:12:40 PM